Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry: Here are some facts about this case!

In 2007, a shocking crime occurred. It was Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry . In this case, both the murdered child and the executed kid were young men. One report states that Gabriel Kuhn, the executioner, was only 12 years old at the time.

Both were gamers and got along because they were neighbours. They were also playing Tibia, which is a similar game. They ended up becoming old friends because of their extreme tendencies. Clinical reports indicate that Daniel Patry was an insane individual who would control seemingly insignificant details.

Daniel Patry was a master at playing similar games. He would collect a lot of electronic currency and credit his friends with modernized coins. Gabriel Kuhn was also granted 20,000 electronic coins. Kuhn’s refusal of payment weakened the situation.

How did murder happen: Gabriel Kuhn & Daniel Patry

According to true subject matter experts, Gabriel Kuhn was a good friend of Daniel Patry. They would play Tibia together as Patry would have many modernized coins to credit his sidekicks. Kuhn later asked Patry to provide specific coins. Patry gave him 20,000 new coins. Kuhn became furious when Patry claimed he would return the coins and threatened to kill Patry.

Kuhn suffered serious injuries when Kuhn cut him with a sharp instrument. The assessment group had no idea of the murderer’s identity from the start. They investigated the murder of great schooler gamers and found that the killer was his 16-year old villain Daniel Patry.

Patry was sentenced to a lengthy time in prison. After three years, however, it was considered normal for Patry to be released. He could have spent the rest of his life in prison.

Patry’s parents reaction

Multiple reports claim that his family was both exemplary and delicate and maintained good relationships with everyone. Patry had a happy childhood. His family also stated that they noticed some changes in Patry’s behavior. For example, he started attacking easygoing conversations and his academic show was almost dropped.

He was an independent man who did not want to be surrounded by his family and friends. They took him to an expert because his condition was constantly deteriorating.

Last words

Gabriel Kuhn’s Daniel Patry example was again noted. People, especially gamers, spend a lot time online looking at it. Kuhn refused payment to Patry for the 20,000 automatic coins he gave him in the game.

Kuhn was killed because these coins had a full-scale worth of $1.75. Patry was finally able to show the executioner and was sent into prison.

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