How Do I Hide an Order on Amazon 2022 App? All Details Here!

Shopping online has become more popular in recent years and Amazon is certainly one of the most popular platforms for this kind of digital market. With its user-friendly interface and wide assortment of products, Amazon provides a seamless shopping experience for millions of users around the world. There are occasions when you wish to protect certain purchases or block the purchase off you Amazon history. This article we’ll look at ways to conceal an order in your Amazon 2022 app and supply you with the required details for doing so.

How can I hide an order on the Amazon 2022? All Details Here!

If you’ve bought something through Amazon and would like to conceal it or erase it from your purchase history, the procedure to hide your purchase on Amazon 2022 Amazon 2022 application is simple. Follow these steps to do this:

  1. Launch The Amazon 2022 app: Open your Amazon App on your tablet or smartphone. Be sure to log to the account you have created with your Amazon account.
  2. Click on Your Orders Tap”menu” (usually shown as three vertical lines) found in the upper left-hand corner of homescreen’s app. Scroll down until you find “Your orders.”
  3. Find the order Search through the history of your orders to locate the order you want to conceal.
  4. Click the “Archive Order”: Once you’ve found the order, click to the “Archive Order” button. This will take the order from the default order view, and then move into”Archived Orders” in the “Archived Orders” section.
  5. Reconfirming the Archive A pop-up window will open and ask for confirmation if you wish to archive the order. Press “Archive” to continue.
  6. Order successfully hidden Congratulations! You’ve successfully hidden the order from the Amazon 2022 app’s default order view. The order will be available only via”Archived Orders. “Archived orders” section.

It is important to note that hiding an order in an app like the Amazon 2022 app does not remove or cancel the order. It just eliminates it from the default view of order. It is still possible to browse the archived order and even manage it as needed.

FAQs on hiding an Order on the Amazon 2022 App

Here are a few commonly asked questions regarding hiding orders from Amazon 2022. Amazon 2022 application:

Q: Is it possible to unhide or restore an unhidden order?

A: Yes, you are able to unhide or re-create a hidden order within Amazon 2022. Amazon 2022 application. Take these steps to do so:

  • Launch your Amazon 2022 App.
  • Click on “Your Places of Orders.”
  • Scroll down until you find “Archived Purchases.”
  • Find the secret order you want to restore.
  • Press “Unarchive Order.”
  • You must confirm the action and your ordered order is restored back to the default view of your order.

Q: Why do I need to conceal my an order I placed on Amazon?

A: Thee are many reasons you may want to conceal your purchase on Amazon. The most common reasons are:

  • The best way to keep surprise purchases or gifts in a safe place.
  • Protecting your privacy with certain purchases.
  • Clearing out clutter from your default purchase view.
  • Avoiding the the accidental disclosure of personal information.

Q: Can I conceal multiple orders at a time?

A: Unfortunately Amazon 2022 app is not able to hide multiple orders simultaneously. Amazon 2022 app does not offer the option of hiding multiple orders at once. It is necessary adhere to the instructions outlined earlier for each order that you want to hide.

Q: Can concealing an order influence my return or refund?

A: Can concealing an order influence my refund or return?

The fact that you cannot hide an order in Amazon 2022 will not affect your ability to make a return or request a refund. Amazon 2022 app will not hinder your ability to start an exchange or refund on that purchase. Even if you’ve removed the purchase from your default view of orders It is still available in the “Archived Orders” section. You can still see the details of your order and take any necessary action including returning the item, or contacting customer service to request exchanges or refunds. The reason you hide an order is to protect your privacy and personal comfort and does not affect your rights as a consumer in regards to refunds or returns.

Q: Do other people be able to see the secret order?

A: Other users or those who access your Amazon account won’t be able to view the secret order in the default view of orders. The order will be deleted from the order history in general and is only accessible via”Archived Orders,” which is located in “Archived Orders” section within the Amazon 2022 application. This feature makes sure that the order hidden remains confidential and private accessible only to the user.

Q: Can I block orders on Amazon? Amazon website?

A: You can indeed conceal orders on Amazon’s website. Amazon website as well as Amazon 2022. Amazon 2022 mobile app. It’s similar to hiding orders on the app. Take these steps to follow:

  • Go to the Amazon site and log in to your Amazon account.
  • Visit “Your Purchases” and “Order Histories.”
  • Find the order you want to conceal.
  • Choose “Archive the Order” or another similar option to conceal the order.
  • Confirm the decision, and your order is recorded.

In the event of archiving an order the order will be removed from the default view of orders in both Amazon website and app.


Hiding an order in Amazon 2022 Amazon 2022 app is a easy and efficient option to keep your order private and ensure that certain purchases remain private. If you’re looking to surprise your loved ones with a gift or want to clear the clutter of your order history Archiving an order can be an option. Keep in mind that hidden orders may be restored at any time and does not affect refunds or returns. You can enjoy a more customized and secure shopping experience on Amazon using”Hide Order. “Hide the Order” feature.

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