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Summertime Saga, an interactive novel-style game with a dating simulator, is an interactive novel-style. Some quest lines are still in development. This game is about a man who tries to uncover the truth about the death of his father. He juggles school, finances and dating while trying to find love.

You are not the only one having difficulty with tasks, walkthroughs, and saving to complete quests. You’ll find the answer if you follow this guide. Summertime Saga has many interconnected stories. These are the guidelines to help you become a master of Summertime Saga.

  • Offers Regular Updates

This guide will keep you informed about all changes and developments. Recent game advancements have made frequent updates an increasingly common feature. The website updates approximately every two months, although there is no set release date. This will make Summertime Saga even more enjoyable.

It is essential to know your statistics in order to succeed in college and advance in quest lines. College stats, for example, are more important than any other thing. It will be easier to complete the game if you have good college statistics. If you get a red checkmark in your quest, it is advisable to improve your statistics. To avoid going backtracking, characters should increase their level as soon as possible.

Summertime Saga divides a day into morning, evening and night. These time periods can be used to accomplish many things. Many goals need to be achieved within a certain timeframe. You can lose your day and spend valuable time if you sleep too much. Even at night, there are still things you can do.

Erik will tell you that your computer isn’t working in your room. Erik will strongly recommend that you visit the Mall’s ConsumR shop to purchase the parts. It costs $200 but is well worth it. This will allow you to train in Intelligence and join the French Class, which will enable you to complete Jenny’s questline.

  • Pay Attention to the Characters

If you are unsure, speak to them again. You may get some guidance from them about where to go or what to do. Sometimes, the dialogue can provide the answer to your questions. They will be able to give you the information you need about where to find them.

This tip isn’t contrary to the first: Sleep if there’s nothing else. Some stories may require you to wait until the weekend, or even for a whole day before you can move on to the next one. You might try something new or get some sleep if you have been working on a story for a while and it hasn’t moved. Sometimes, time can impede the progress of some stories. It is important to not assume that your gameplay is finished until you have sufficient time to complete the move.

You will need to complete many tasks in this game. Your primary goals are to save money for college and to have enough money to complete quest lines. You will need around 100 dollars to buy a gift for a friend or other items you might need.

Summertime Saga: How to Make Money

You can make money by playing a minigame of shootin’. Roxxy must defeat Clyde in a minigame of shooting to advance her questline. To increase your chances of winning and to help you win more, you can request additional shooting content. Clyde is available for you to shoot at $100, $200 or $400. If you can hit 20 targets, Clyde will test you. Your attack must be planned.

Mini-games can help you make more money. Mini-games are available at all times. You can make money by helping Diane clean her garden.


You will need to spend time solving problems or learning attributes if you are playing an explicit dating simulation game. If you don’t mind working hard and enjoy playing the game smoothly, this is the game for you. These tips will help you succeed in Summertime Saga gameplay.

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