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CenturyLink internet plans come with as many as 10 email addresses once the plan is signed up. This is something that the person selling the plan or customer support rep will have provided to you. If you’re not sure what it is about, we’re here to assist. The email accounts can be setup in a matter of minutes and used to gain access to CenturyLink services and send notifications. These accounts enable users to manage their CenturyLink WiFi service from any location you are, not just at your home.

Sometimes, things don’t go in the way you’d like. Like how your internet connection could be shaky or cease to function sometimes, so do the email account you have. What do you do in the event this occurs? Contact CenturyLink customer service to resolve the problem. This issue can be fixed through you even though the issue is small.


Internet Connection

The main cause for CenturyLink problems with email is usually neglected. Make sure that your internet connection works correctly. It is essential to connect to the internet in order to be able to send and get emails or handle your email account. Even if you do have access to the internet, it’s essential to check how fast your internet connection to determine how the speed or how slow it can be. Sometimes, your internet connection may be extremely slow and this can lead to issues with email. However, this isn’t always the case so make sure you check.

The speed of the internet can be measured using sites that test the speed, or browse multiple websites in multiple tabs. For a secure connection, test all cables and devices. If any of them fail then you’ll be able to determine what is causing your email to act odd.

Be sure to verify your Email Server Settings

If you’re still not able to pinpoint the source of the issue then the next thing to examine is the settings of your email server. Three ways could your CenturyLink email server connect to your email applications:

  • POP3 – POP3 refers to Post Office Protocol. It stores all of your messages similar to a post office. POP3 is a forward and store kind of service. POP3 erases emails from its server once it is downloaded by the user.
  • SMTP is a term used to describe SMTP. SMTP is the abbreviation as Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. This feature allows you to transfer your email from one server to another, across multiple servers before it is delivered to your computer. This feature is utilized by servers to forward messages to to the right destination.
  • IMAP – IMAP is an acronym in the acronym Internet Message Access Protocol. It is an upgrade from POP3. IMAP lets you keep your email account, in contrast to POP3 which erases the email when it is received by the recipient. It can be done from anywhere and you don’t have to transfer any data.

Antivirus Software must be disabled

Once you’ve completed the initial two steps and not discovered any issues then it’s time to move to the third step. You’ll need to confirm the antivirus program isn’t installed. If the software is detected then disable it. It’s an instant test to determine whether your email account might be being behaved in a strange manner. Sometimes , antivirus software will flag emails as suspicious and that could be the reason why your emails aren’t flowing through.

It is recommended to temporarily remove antivirus software and then access your email. After that you can turn on the security firewall or antivirus. CenturyLink will fix any issues you encounter. To prevent further issues be sure to enable firewalls and antivirus programs even if there aren’t any problems.

You can clear your email inbox

Sometimes, the issue isn’t so major. It’s as easy as having an inbox that is overflowing and an unfilled email account. This could cause a lot of issues in your email. The problem can be fixed within a couple of clicks. You just need to clear your inbox and eliminate any unneeded emails that have stored over the course of. Even if you don’t clean out your inbox, it’s crucial to eliminate any messages you don’t need.

The table below will provide you with an idea of the dimensions of CenturyLink’s mailbox:

  • Emails are sent at 10MB.
  • Maximum 35 minutes per hour of messages for SMSTP and Webmail. SMSTP
  • 700 MB email box storage limit
  • 50 contacts per message


After having read your article thoroughly, you’ll be able identify the issue. If you’re not sure the cause, call CenturyLink customer service immediately to resolve the issue. This is a rare issue since CenturyLink plans are extremely efficient and don’t cause any issues with their users. So, don’t worry. It is always possible to have 2 choices for solving any issue. In the end, however you’ll find the answer.

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