Hustlers University Review : Five Things You Must Know!

Andrew Tate was previously banned from many social media platforms in the early part of the year. He now has another fan to reach his audience. Tate, a former professional kickboxer is now an internet celebrity. Tate’s controversial views caused anger and quickly brought Tate to the attention the public. Tate is now the head of Hustler’s University 2.0 and teaches his followers how to make money.

What is Andrew Tate University?

Hustlers University 2.0 is an online “university.” Students pay $49.99 per monthly for Discord and video lessons. You will learn how to start ecommerce and invest in cryptocurrency. His words are full of the same controversial rhetoric that made his name.

A 13-year old subscriber to the platform has earned $10k at Hustlers University 2. Tate stated that it doesn’t take much to prove this claim.

“The things that we teach do not require you to know anything. You can just copy and paste. Copy and paste takes you four hours each day. If you do, you will make money.

Buzzfeed News reported this summer that H.U 2.0’s viral videos were due to assignments from one of its courses. Students in the “Affiliate Marketing” course were told to promote the university. Every user who signed up via their affiliate links received a 50% discount for their first month.

The TikTok hashtag H.U received more than a billion hits while the Andrew Tate hashtag had at most 10 billion.

Is Hustlers University 2.0 legal?

Hustlers University, now 3.0, is valid if you are paying for a service. A recognized qualification is not something you should expect.

Tate says in the introduction video that there are “18 professors” which he “verified personally.” The website claims that it has “everything you want” to be rich and that it all starts today.

“This community will allow you to access stock analysis, options plays, and crypto analysis. Defi, Copywriting, Freelancing. Flipping. Real Estate. Financial Planning. Management of businesses.

Hustlers University 2.0 is a membership program and not a university course. It is time to put on your cap and gown if you are considering signing up.

What about the Real World?

The Real World, Tate’s online platform, follows the Hustlers University model. This platform isn’t about making money. Tate will show his followers how to navigate their daily lives.

The Matrix is a constant reference throughout the website. It starts with “Wake Up Neo “. It doesn’t stop there. Tate calls the system “The Matrix” while describing himself as the Morpheus.

“THE REAL WALL” is a membership that provides a community and educational platform. It is a way to escape.

To get a glimpse of Tate’s thoughts, it will cost $149 per monthly. For $19, people interested could buy “golden tickets”, which were available for a limited time. The golden ticket was available at a $49/month discount

Tickets were not available for long. They are priced the same as Hustlers University 2.0. Tate is expected to make $10 million per monthly from the university, before deductions. He is also expected to earn around $10 million each month. It is unknown how many people will sign-up for The Real World. Tate is a successful entrepreneur who teaches others how to make their own money.

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