Market Chameleon Review 2023: Learn all the benefits, features, advantages, disadvantages and more!

Market Chameleon Review 2023 – Have you felt as if you’re trying to navigate the stock market with your eyes closed? You have so many fantastic trading opportunities that you aren’t sure which ones to search for. Market Chameleon could be the answer to your issues.

The platform functions as an enormous neon signpost that directs you towards the most profitable stock and option trading opportunities. It has all the features and tools that you may require, including the research of stock markets, orders flow information screens, earnings and screeners.

Everybody is asking themselves if market Chameleon is the right option. Here’s what I’ve got to say. I’ve conducted my own research and am here to give you an in-depth review.

Let me walk you through this trading software’s benefits and drawbacks along with its price.

Market Chameleon Features

1. Stock Market Research

Market Chameleon is one tool that may be interesting to stock traders. The tools are not revolutionary however they can be extremely beneficial. The platform can be utilized to identify quickly the best traders and losers from the trading session, in addition to stocks that have a small or high trading volume.

It allows you to determine which stocks have experienced significant price fluctuations and whether those changes were lasting all day. Market Chameleon is also utilized to study market imbalances. This can be caused by large funds trade on closing prices in the midnight.

Free users only have access to the market imbalances of the individual stocks. But, subscribers who pay for the service can view the complete balance of market orders. This provides insight into sentiments of institutional investors.

2. Options Volume and flow of orders

Let’s talk about the true star market: the data on options from Market Chameleon. Motley Fool Options is a simple option for novice options traders. It is a platform specifically designed for self-directed traders of options. It is loaded with useful tools.

One of the most notable features is the special volume of options scanner. The scanner detects stocks where options trade at a greater cost than normal. I can assure that identifying abnormally high volumes of options can be similar to finding the needle in the maze. It’s like someone handed you a needle, and you could take it and make your own.

But it’s not the only thing. Market Chameleon can identify catalysts that could be triggering. This data will help you determine if options are worth it or just hype-driven reports. It’s as if you have a complete overview of the market.

3. Lists of Tailored Watch

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of options and stocks that you are tracking that you’ve thought you’d require a second pair of eyes in order to keep track of.

Market Chameleon has you covered with endless list of watchlists.

You can create any number of watchlists you like for specific stock or contracts for options. What’s the most important thing? The best thing? Every analysis or screen that you can access on the platform is restricted to your lists of watches. It’s like having a personal assistant who can filter through all the noise and only highlight the most important information.

4. Performance of earnings

Let’s discuss earnings season, a different area where Market Chameleon shines. Market Chameleon puts all of its resources at work to help you to help you find profitable strategies for trading.

You can access an analysis section on their website that will inform you of which stocks are high or not earning enough. They will be able to compare the historic earnings of the stocks to actions on options.

A single of the fascinating features of this software is its ability to analyse the earnings-driven price fluctuations that is implied by the activities of options and to compare it to past changes. This lets you see the areas that other traders are underestimating, and you can gain by learning from their errors.

You’re searching for a research tool that’s more flexible? For more details, look through our insider review of our options strategies and trading tips review to find out the best option for you.

What is the price market Chameleon price?

Market Chameleon may be a thing you’re thinking about. Here are the different subscription options, along with their cost.

Market Chameleon’s Stock Trader plan is 39 dollars per month. You will have access to all tools that deal with stocks and the option to download your data. Options Trader is priced at $69 and includes the majority of options. However, it doesn’t provide analysis of how options activities are linked to earnings announcements. EarningsTrader plans cost more at $79 per month however, they include a comparison of earnings changes and the activity of options. Also, it has options screeners.

The Total Access plan costs $99 per month and provides full access to the Market Chameleon options data as well as earnings analysis.

Similar to other options such as trendpider, they offer a variety of subscription plans for Market Chameleon as well as their prices. You can select the plan that fits your needs the best.

Market Chameleon: Pros and Cons


  • Gap-and-go screener and many other tools that are free
  • Option screener that has 18 options
  • Scans for imbalances in market volume and also options orders
  • Comparative analysis of earnings movements and price movements based on options
  • The ability to test the performance of strategies during the earnings period


  • The interface can be complicated
  • The paid plan could be less expensive.

Is Market Chameleon worth it?

Market Chameleon offers a range of options and tools for traders in stocks. It is a great tool for helping to discover trading opportunities during earnings season.

It might not be simple to comprehend, but it can be an effective instrument for experienced traders looking for additional assistance in developing strategies that are profitable.

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