How To Remove Scribbles On A Picture iPhone? How Can Fix A Problem?

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How To Remove Scribbles On A Picture iPhone? How Can Fix A Problem?”

Have you been sent an image with scribbles on it and were intrigued to know what was hidden underneath? Or do you just want to uncover one in your iPhone gallery? Good news (and bad news for others!) is that quickly uncover scribbled photos on your iPhone!

This article describes how to delete scribbles from an iPhone image.

Removing Scrawls on iPhone Pictures

Photoshop’s Clone feature can help you quickly remove doodles from photos. This utility replaces a portion of an image using information from elsewhere within it; to use this tool simply select an image and press Alt to select its source; insert screenshot and customize content until all doodles have vanished!

Social networks and messaging services often include editors that specialize in eliminating scribbles from images, such as Snapseed from Google. With its tools you can remove scribbles without altering the clarity of an image and also use its repair feature on images that have been cropped.

To remove scribbles from an iPhone image using the drawing tool, duplicate it and launch. Next use the clone stamp tool to erase any text you unwittingly added by accidentally clicking and dragging the pointer over any scribblings – be patient as this process will require time and patience! Repeat as often as necessary until desired results have been reached.

Keep in mind, though, that using the correction tool might not be your best choice if the scribbles feature more intricate patterns or the subject can easily be identified.

How Can I Remove Markup From My iPhone?

Although not straightforward, markup removal from images can be made simpler using iOS’ Settings app and Keyboard option. From Text Replacement, choose Markup before tapping “+” symbol in top corner after choosing it and entering “Markup” into Phrase area once in this view. To quickly delete markup from multiple photographs at once simply select them all!

Use of a free photo editing program can also help eliminate scribbles on an iPhone shot. TouchRetouch, available for both Android and iPhone users, is an excellent tool for this purpose and removes scribbles effectively from screenshots as well. Be sure to back up your source before employing this technique; should it fail, opt for photo editing programs instead.

How can you use the iPhone’s object eraser?

To use the iPhone object eraser, launch the Notes app and navigate to the note you would like to delete. At the bottom of the screen is an eraser icon; tap and hold before swiping across to delete items.

How Does Eraser Work on an iPhone?

Your iPhone’s eraser feature allows you to quickly and efficiently erase content. Located near the top of the screen, this function resembles an eraser used with pencils – simply tap an area that needs to be deleted before dragging your finger across the screen and releasing.

How can an edited iPhone photo be un-edited?

There are various methods available for editing photos taken with an iPhone to undo any modifications made during capture. One such approach is by tapping Edit after opening the photo in Photos app and tapping Return to Original in its top-left corner.

How can you undo photo editing?

Undo photo editing comes in various forms; using a photo editor with an undo function and photo restoration programs are two methods available for doing so.

How does Eraser work on my iPhone?

An iPhone’s eraser feature makes it easy to edit photos by enabling you to remove content that does not belong there. Simply tap on its eraser icon at the top of your screen, which resembles an eraser for pencil. When activated, just tap and drag your finger across to erase any area you wish to change before releasing your finger – this feature can also help get rid of scribbles or unwanted elements from photos! This feature can come in especially handy when taking selfies!

How can I view highlighters on my iPhone?

If you’re wondering how to view the highlighter when taking notes on an iPhone, there are various methods. When highlighting text, pressing and holding your finger against the screen allows you to move the highlighter right or left and will show as yellow lines when selected text is highlighted. Furthermore, you can drag up or down to customize its style according to your own preference allowing you to personalize how highlighted text looks on screen.

Note that not all content can be highlighted; charts and table cells cannot. To highlight text, select it then double-tap to reveal the highlight option. Furthermore, owners of documents can remove highlights, while physical documents can be masked to prevent highlighting.

Setting the highlighter tool to 100% opacity will make it much simpler to prevent anyone from altering your screenshot to reveal information that has been concealed. Simply tap and touch to select it; touch again to access its settings via a pop-up window and adjust its opacity slider up until it reaches 100%.


Removing scribbles and markups from pictures taken with an iPhone is possible through various techniques and tools, including Photoshop’s Clone feature, Snapseed/TouchRetouch apps, the Notes app object eraser tool and eraser functionality on your own phone itself. Furthermore, use of Text Replacement option can simplify markup removal while Notes provides flexible tools for customization in terms of highlighting text.

By following these techniques, you can effectively remove unwanted content or markups from your iPhone photographs – leaving you with clearer and more pristine photos than before!


Can I remove scribbles from a photo using Photoshop on my iPhone?

No, Photoshop isn’t available as a mobile app for the iPhone; however, other photo editing apps in the App Store provide similar features for removing scribbles and editing photos.

Are scribbles removable without resorting to third-party apps?

Yes, your iPhone offers tools and features for you to remove scribbles from images. For instance, the Notes app includes an object eraser tool which is ideal for this task; additionally, use Markup feature of Photos app to delete drawings or annotations from images.

Can I reverse the changes I made after removing scribbles from a photo?

Yes, most photo editing apps and the built-in Photos app allow you to undo or roll back changes you made to an image. Simply open your edited photo and look for an option to restore it back to the original state.

Are there any free apps available for iPhone to remove scribbles on photos?

Yes, several free photo editing apps on the App Store provide tools for removing scribbles and unwanted elements from photos, including TouchRetouch, Snapseed and Adobe Photoshop Express.

Will cropping out scribbles affect a photo’s quality or resolution?

By employing appropriate editing techniques and tools, removing scribbles from a photo should not have an adverse impact on its overall quality or resolution. As always, however, it’s prudent to create a backup copy before making edits to avoid any potential surprises later on.

Are the same methods effective for removing scribbles from screenshots?

Yes, the techniques described in the article can also be applied to screenshots on an iPhone. You can utilize photo editing apps, the object eraser in Notes app or Markup feature in Photos app to remove scribbles from screenshots.

Can multiple photos be edited simultaneously to remove scribbles at once?

Some apps and tools allow for batch processing multiple photos at the same time to remove scribbles from all at once, such as Photos’ Markup feature which lets you do just this.

Remember, it is always wise to explore various methods or apps for erasing scribbles on an iPhone and to find one that meets your specific needs and preferences.

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