The Wait is Almost Over Sombra’s Debut on PS4 is Just Around the Corner!

Sombra’s Debut on PS4 – If you’re a gamer who enjoys playing Overwatch on PS4, chances are you’re curious when Sombra will be available on your platform. She is an iconic hero in the game known for her hacking abilities and stealthiness; while Sombra debuted on PC in 2016, Xbox One followed shortly thereafter, PS4 players are yet to experience her power. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at when Sombra is expected to come to PS4 and what steps gamers can take to prepare themselves.

Who is Sombra?

Before we explore when Sombra will make her PS4 debut, let us first take a brief look at who this damage hero in Overwatch is. Her skills revolve around hacking and stealth; she can disable enemy heroes’ abilities by hacking health packs to speed up respawn time. Furthermore, Sombra can turn invisible or teleport short distances, making her an elusive hero to track down.

When was Sombra released?

Sombra was first released on PC in November 2016, as part of the game’s second season. Xbox One players received Sombra quickly after her arrival on PC, while PS4 gamers have been eagerly awaiting their chance to play as her.

Why is Sombra not available on PS4 yet?

It remains uncertain why Sombra hasn’t been released to PS4. Various reasons could include technical difficulties, licensing problems or simply a delay in the release schedule.

When can we expect Sombra to come to PS4?

Unfortunately, there is no set release date for Sombra on PS4. However, Blizzard Entertainment – the developer of Overwatch – has stated their commitment to bringing all heroes across platforms so it seems likely she’ll make an appearance soon enough. Moreover, Overwatch fans have been eagerly awaiting Sombra’s arrival and Blizzard is known for listening and fulfilling promises made to their fans.

How Can I Prepare for Sombra’s Arrival on PS4?

Are you eager to play as Sombra on PlayStation 4, there are a few steps you can take. Firstly, ensure your PS4 has the latest version of Overwatch installed; this will guarantee you’re ready to go when Sombra launches. Additionally, practice playing as Sombra on other platforms like PC or Xbox One so you get familiar with her abilities and playstyle.

What other heroes will be coming to PS4 in the future?

In addition to Sombra, several other popular PS4 characters are expected to arrive shortly. These include Doomfist, Moira and Brigitte; however there is no set release date yet for these heroes either.

Can I play as Sombra on PC or Xbox One and transfer my progress to PS4?

Unfortunately, progress does not cross platforms. That means if you’ve been playing as Sombra on either platform, you must start from zero when she launches on PS4.

Will Sombra Be Available in Competitive Play on PS4?

Yes, Sombra will be accessible in Competitive Play when she launches. However, please note that her availability may be subject to changes or balance issues prior to release.


While there is still no official release date for Sombra on PS4, there are indications she may be coming soon. As a gamer, it’s essential to stay abreast of all news from Overwatch and Blizzard Entertainment so you’re prepared to play as Sombra when she debuts. Practicing playing as Sombra on other platforms will also help prepare you for her arrival on PS4. With her hacking abilities and stealthiness, Sombra promises to be an exciting addition to the game on PS4, so stay tuned for further announcements regarding Sombra’s arrival and enjoy playing Overwatch in the meantime!

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