Here are the details on how to activate Tinder Incognito mode!

Tinder is a popular dating app that allows users to meet potential partners. Tinder users may prefer to remain more private than others. Tinder’s Incognito mode was created to help with this. This mode allows users browse and swipe on profiles without any activity being visible on their profile. It also doesn’t share any information with other users. This article will show you how to enable Tinder Incognito mode, and what happens if it is enabled.

What is Tinder Incognito Mode? How does it work?

Tinder Incognito mode allows users anonymously to browse and swipe through profiles. This feature allows users browse profiles and swipe without being notified. Your swipes won’t appear on your profile. This feature is perfect for people who prefer to keep their dating app use private.

How to Turn on Tinder Incognito Mode

It’s easy to enable Tinder Incognito mode. These are the steps required to activate this feature.

  • Open Tinder from your phone
  • Tap the profile icon in the upper left corner.
  • Select the “Settings” option.
  • Scroll down to choose “Incognito Mode”.
  • Then, switch the switch to “Incognito Mode”, and then to “On”.

Once you have turned on Tinder Incognito mode, your profile will not show any activity and swipes won’t be visible to anyone else.

What happens when Tinder Incognito Mode is turned on?

These are the results of Tinder Incognito mode being enabled:

  • Your app activity won’t show up on your profile or visible to other users.
  • Your swipes will never be visible to anyone.
  • Your swipes will not be displayed on your profile.
  • You won’t see who swiped from your profile.
  • Your profile will not be displayed in the “RecentlyActive” section.

Tinder Incognito allows you to browse and swipe profiles anonymously.

Tinder Incognito Mode – The Benefits

Tinder Incognito Mode offers many benefits including:

  • With greater privacy, you can browse and swipe through profiles.
  • Discretion Mode is for those who prefer to be more private when using dating apps.
  • Anonymity: No one will see what you swipe right or left on the profile.
  • You can be sure that no one will ever see what you do on the app.

Tinder Incognito Mode’s Downsides

However, Tinder Incognito mode does have its drawbacks.

  • Limited functionality: You won’t be able to see who swiped from your profile.
  • No feedback: Your profile will not show the impact of your swipes.
  • Chances missed

These drawbacks aside Tinder Incognito mode is still a useful feature for those who want to be more private on the dating app.


Tinder’s anonym mode allows users anonymous access to the app. This allows users to browse profiles and swipe and match with others without their activity being visible in the activity feed. This feature also gives users the ability to limit who can view their profile, giving them greater privacy.

Tinder stores data about users for internal purposes so incognito mode may not be a perfect privacy solution. This is a great tool for those who wish to use Tinder discreetly. Incognito mode can be turned on by going to the settings menu, and setting the toggle to “on”. This feature allows Tinder users to use Tinder’s features without worrying about privacy.

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