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World Wide Web Consortium estimates that more than 3.7 billion people use internet. This is approximately 49.6 percent. The internet can be used to connect and share ideas. These are the top 10 online tech forums where technology enthusiasts can connect with each other.

Techist is an online forum for technology enthusiasts that facilitates discussions. The most popular topics for discussion are computer hardware, software and security. These sub-headings include a broad range of technology topics. For off-topic discussions, you can also access the members area.

CNET provides a forum for members to start and participate online in discussions about technology. The discussions focus on electronics and operating systems. Software and hardware are also available. CNET is the most popular platform to help members get technical support from a network.

Canadian Content is an online forum for tech enthusiasts from Canada. To participate in the discussions, you will need to create an account. It is easy to do and takes very little time. The members discuss topics like computers, internet and mobile phone.

TechEnclave India is a forum for Indian tech enthusiasts. TechEnclave offers impartial advice to members on technical and purchase-related issues. Members can also discuss other topics such as politics or sports.

R/C Tech Forums allow members to discuss race technology topics online. Topics that are most popular include nitro on the road and electric on-road. You will need an account before you can post.

TomsHardware lets you ask questions, answer them, and participate in tech discussions. The main topic is computer hardware. This covers CPUs, graphics cards, motherboards, storage, overlocking motherboards and motherboards. The software sub-forum hosts discussions about operating systems and antivirus, as well as mobile gaming. TomsHardware boasts close to 2.5 million members.

PC Advisor covers many topics relating to electronic devices such as smartphones, iPhones and PCs. The community will answer any question that you may have. Register to participate in the forum.

GeoExpert members can discuss a variety of topics related to Hong Kong. The forum also has a sub-forum that allows for tech discussions. These forums cover computer and hardware, games, mobile phones, and data.

HardwareZone is an online forum that facilitates tech discussion in Singapore. The discussions can be viewed online without the need to register. However, you will need to register in order to take part. Discussions will focus on hardware, internet bandwidth, and software.

VRForums is a Singaporean lifestyle forum. This forum provides the latest technology. The marketplace also offers the best technology deals. There is also a section dedicated to tech enthusiasts, where you can engage in discussions.

One country can manage a platform, but not another. You can join any of the platforms as long as they are in English.

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