What does the Order People View My Instagram Story Really Mean!

You’ve been there. When you meet someone new, you swap Instagrams, and suddenly, you notice everything they do online. You notice what they like, who they follow, and, most importantly, where they appear in the list of people who viewed your Instagram Story.

Although it sounds absurd, social media has become so addictive that many people have begun to notice the seemingly small changes in social media behavior. You might be posting something with the intent of getting it seen by someone you don’t know (who doesn’t love a thirst trap?). In that case, you should be checking who has viewed your story.

What does the order in which people appear on your story views actually mean? Is it possible that a frenemy suddenly appears at the top of your story views? Is it possible that the person you like has stopped engaging with your profile? Do you feel in love with your crush?

We don’t know why, but we care. No, but we all post content to social media with the intent to make some kind of social impact. Or you might just keep your selfies to yourself. So it’s not surprising that some of us are concerned about the impact our content has had on those who interact with it most.

In other words, is Instagram Story viewers ranked according to how much they like you? This information was revealed by Julian Gutman, the product lead for Instagram Home.

Gutman stated that the people who show up on that list don’t stalk you most. It’s based on your activities and the people closest to you. There are many confounding factors. Do you visit their profile, comment on their posts, read their stories, or like their page? Do you visit the list multiple times? Do you frequently check the list? If so, [the algorithm] will try to show you a different set of people. It’s trying give you new information each time you check it.

In the same way as pictures appear first on your feed based on who you interact with most – Story viewers will also appear in this manner.

We should have known we were being stalked, but we are still disappointed. Perhaps we all should just pretend that everyone loves us and live in blissful ignorance. 2020 is already a difficult year.

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