What is Google Drive How does it work? All the information you need!

Google Drive is a popular tool that allows you upload, create and share files.

Google One was launched, and the price of the service was increased. They were able to create their own brand and bundle a number of other features. To learn more about Google Drive, and Google One, we’ll start with Google Drive.

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is Google’s cloud storage service. It is free to consumers and allows you access your files in the Cloud. You can access them from any device. Google Drive requires you to have a Google account. Google accounts provide 15GB of free storage. Photos, stories, drawings, recordings and videos can all be stored.

Google Drive uses SSL encryption. This is the same security protocol as Google Mail.

What can Google Drive do?

These are the top features of Google Drive that consumers will find most useful:

  • Store files. Drive offers 15GB of free online storage. Many file types and folders can be stored, including Office files.
  • Create files With the Docs, Sheets, or Slides apps, you can quickly create files and document.
  • Access your files from anywhere: You have access to your files on Drive from any device, even a tablet or smartphone.
  • Share files with others: Invite other people to quickly view, download, and comment on your files using Drive.
  • You can also work offline Even if your computer isn’t connected to the internet, you can still view and modify some files offline (see the instructions).
  • View older versions: Most file types can be viewed back up to 30 day. It is easy to view any changes and to return to previous versions.
  • Search –Drive can recognize objects in images or text in scans from documents. Simply type a keyword in the search bar.
  • Google Photos Save your photos to Drive. You can then access them with Google Photos and make edits.
  • You can scan documents Using the Android app, you’ll be able to scan any paper document and convert it into a PDF. Snap a photo.
  • Save Gmail attachments: To see the Drive logo, click on an attachment in Gmail. Hover over any attachment to save it to your Drive.
  • Drive apps More than 100 apps are available to edit your profile or create a mindmap.

What is Google Drive?

First, sign in to your Google Account. These steps will apply if you are a customer.


  1. Go to drive.google.com. You’ll see “My Drive”, which includes all the files and folders you have uploaded and synchronized. It also contains any Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, and Google Forms you’ve created.
  2. Upload files from your computer to your Drive if there aren’t any. You can also create new files in Drive. You can even use Microsoft Office files in Drive.
  3. Drive lets you share files and folders so that they can be edited, viewed or commented on by others.

Android device

  1. Open the Google Drive app for Android.
  2. As mentioned above, you can access, upload and share your Google Drive content using the app.
  3. Google Drive can be integrated to other Google apps, such as Photos. This gives you universal access to all of your Android devices.

iPhone or iPad

  1. Open the Google Drive app for your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Access to your Drive and all of its contents will be possible just like Android.

Backup and Sync: What are your thoughts?

Google used to offer a backup and sync service for cuystomers. In 2021, this function was removed and replaced by the Google Drive app. Download the app to be used on both a Windows PC or Mac. You can upload and store files from any folder.

These are the key features of Google Drive desktop.

  1. View and browse files at drive.google.com using your Google Drive folder.
  2. Files can be opened, organized, or modified.
  3. All files changes will be synchronized across all devices.

What is Google One?

  • All Google Drive storage plans are now known as Google One
  • Plans start at 500GB and end at 30TB
  • Family sharing is available

Google has updated the Google Drive storage plans available to consumers in 2018. Google refers the paid plans to as Google One. Google One provides additional benefits, but cloud storage is still called Google Drive.

You can share your storage quota with up to five family members. Google Photos also offers enhanced photo editing. These Google One features can be accessed through Google Photos, so you can view them while editing photos. This is one of the ways Google hopes to increase storage value and encourage people who want more storage to pay more.

Google One now includes a VPN. To prevent hackers accessing your network, this will be installed to your device. This feature is available in Google One for those with plans greater than 2TB and Pixel 7 or 7 Pro owners.

What is the value of Google One plans?

  • Plans start at PS1.59/$1.99 per month for 100GB
  • Plans for 30TB go up to PS119.99/$300

All sign-ups for Google One Storage receive 15GB of storage free. You can also pay a monthly fee if you need more storage.

Google One offers several plans that can be paid for to increase storage. These plans are available for as low as PS1.99/month in UK, and $1.99 in America to increase storage by 100GB. For as little as PS2.49/$2.99 per month, you can also buy 200GB storage. 2TB storage is available for a monthly price of PS7.99 in the UK, and $9.99 in America.

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