Why Python best for Artificial Intelligence: You can find it here!

In the digital age, artificial intelligence is becoming more like human intelligence. Everything is automated and driven digitally. Smart devices are an integral part of our everyday lives. It can be used to perform biometrics or search the internet for information. You can also convert spoken words to text. Artificial intelligence is the core of all this and it’s rapidly becoming an integral part of our constantly changing lifestyle.

You might be obsessed with AI. You are curious about how AI is developed. You want to know everything about Python, which is the most widely used programming language for AI.

There are Programming languages that allow for Artificial Intelligence.

  • Python: Python is a very efficient language. Programming in Python will achieve more with less lines than other languages. It will be simpler to understand, debug, or extend the code than in other languages.
  • Java: Java is a popular programming language that can be used for general purposes. It allows programmers to create mobile and desktop applications. Java is designed to enable programmers to “write one, run everywhere” meaning that code can be executed once and can run on any type of hardware or operating system without the need to recompile.
  • Prolog: This language was inspired by logic programming research. Logic programming allows the computer to make its own decisions according the terms set out by the programmer. This is possible because of formal or mathematical logic.
  • C/C++ is one the most popular and widely used programming languages for computers. Programmers and software developers primarily use C programming. It works well with the operating systems, UNIX, and C compiler. The C programming language is now the most used professional language in the computer industry. C++ can also be compiled. To make a program run, a compiler must process its source text. This creates object files, which are then combined with a linked file to create executable programs. C++ programs often have multiple source code files.

Benefits of Python over Other Programming Languages for AI

  1. High quality documentation.
  2. Independent platform, available in almost all *nix distributions
  3. It can be used for many programming tasks, including small shell scripts and complex business applications. It is simple to learn and more efficient than any other OOP languages.
  4. Python is a robust, portable, and easy-to-use programming language. These are the most important factors in AI applications.
  5. Many Python libraries are image-intensive, including Numeric Python, Python Image Library and VTK. Maya 3D Visualization Toolkits and Python Imaging Library. You can also use many other tools for scientific and numerical applications.
  6. It is open-source
  7. Platform, the best community support for the same.

Python Libraries to AI

  1. pyDatalog is a declarative language derived from prolog. pydatalog is a Python logic programming engine.
  2. SimpleAI – Python implementations for many of the AI algorithms described in “Artificial Intelligence, a Modern Approach”. It’s easy to use, well-documented, and tested.
  3. AIMA – Python algorithm implementation that is based on Russell & Peter Norvig’s “Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach”
  4. EasyAI – Simple python engine to play two-player games with AI (Transposition table and Negamax), as well as game solving


Python is an important player in AI. It offers Python excellent frameworks like Scikit-learn Python to machine learning, which processes all requirements in this field, and JavaScript D3.js Data driven documents JavaScript which seems to be the easiest and most powerful tool for visualization.

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